Betrayed – Daily Prompt

– Kavan Cardoza

In the shadow of the night
It may seem obvious and trite
As I await for you
Anticipation grew
The sound of vinyl record
Making me soared
Like a mosaic gateway to your world
With my hair all curled
I hallucinate and have irrational thoughts
Have a lot of afterthoughts
Of passionless love scalding my being
Full of inadequate flings
Of mud-covered carcass of dead animals
With their guts and skulls
Of the crowd suffocating me
I just would like to flee
Knowing I prefer Isolophilia
I’m not to be betrayed
And then you sneaked quietly
I’ve counted to three
Covered my eyes with your hands
Like walking on sands
The waiting was over
There you are, my captor

For: Betrayed


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