I is for Inverted Refrain


The Inverted Refrain, created by Jan Turner, consists of four 6-line stanzas, for a total of 24 lines.

Rhyme scheme per stanza: Lines #1-4 are abab;
Lines #5 and #6, the two inverted refrain lines, can be a,b or b,a.

Meter: 8 syllables in every line.

The first four lines of a stanza create a statement from which the last 2 lines extract the meaning, and invert the way it was said. The last two lines of each stanza, which are the ‘inverted refrain’, are indented as a couplet.

As a variation, the couplets in each stanza can reorganize the information in the previous four lines in a summarized manner, and can add further description.


Erudite of the universe
Underneath it all lies knowledge
A thirst for truth and not adverse
That cause minatory damage
Thread of wisdom that’s the message
To live in better world not worse

With pen we could express our thoughts
Bend the rules or current impasse
Unthinkable to scatter blots
The bride and groom arrive en masse
Enjoy the blue sky and green grass
Enjoy the voyage in the yachts

What’s absurd is when he left her
When he promised the moon and stars
He gave her some sweet things and myrrh
Blindly she sees him as her czar
He left her with his jaguar
And he left her with no armour

With the help of time, she moved on
He felt guilty for what he’s done
She went to the park and fed swan
Apologised for his action
She likes being under the sun
He wants a second chance and yon

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

For: Wordle #190 Income Tax ( #AtoZChallenge ), one-third of the way through Na/GloPoWriMo!


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