S is for Sestina


The sestina is a strict ordered form of poetry, dating back to twelfth century French troubadours. It consists of six six-line (sestets) stanzas followed by a three-line envoy. Rather than use a rhyme scheme, the six ending words of the first stanza are repeated as the ending words of the other five stanzas in a set pattern. The envoy uses two of the ending words per line, again in a set pattern.

First stanza, ..1 ..2 ..3 ..4 ..5 ..6
Second stanza, ..6 ..1 ..5 .. 2 ..4 ..3
Third stanza, ..3 ..6 ..4 ..1 ..2 ..5
Fourth stanza, ..5 ..3 ..2 ..6 ..1 ..4
Fifth stanza, ..4 ..5 ..1 ..3 ..6 ..2
Sixth stanza, ..2 ..4 ..6 ..5 ..3 ..1

Concluding tercet:
middle of first line ..2, end of first line ..5
middle of second line ..4, end of second line..3
middle if third line ..6, end of third line ..1


When someone plucks apple blossom
Fire was flickering in the woods
As we relish the thought of the unknown
Fly me to the moon and shimmy with stars
I hear your voice like some balsam
Your hazel eyes bright as they should

Memories stood as they should
When the field is full of blossom
Leaves rustled like the sound of balsam
As we held hands by the woods
Twinkle must have faded from the stars
Moths were soaring into the unknown

Times were golden and so unknown
I walk by the shore as I should
Looking at the sky with the stars
Twinkle in my eyes as I blossom
Hoping I won’t get lost in the woods
Give me some signs like balsam

Thick with willow, purple with balsam
That plant is relatively unknown
I see them as I walk in the woods
Make life as simple as it should
Heavenly scent of pearly blossom
In different directions we count stars

As we dream of heaven and of stars
The first impact is to bring an aroma of balsam
The slopes were ablaze with almond blossom
Continue with my repertoire of the unknown
As simple and straight forward as it should
Spending most of our days in the woods

We’ve been thrown a lifeline but not out of woods
We’ve been together as written in the stars
In sickness and in health as we should
Comforting each other like sweet balsam
Our future? Relatively unknown
We just have to wait for the fruit to blossom

As we walk by the woods, aroma of balsam
With the moon and stars, venturing into the unknown
Stay as we should, for our love to blossom

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

For: S is for Saturday #AtoZChallengeToday marks three full weeks of Na/GloPoWriMo!

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