Photo Challenge #212 – I’m entirely too impulsive

I’m entirely too impulsive
Creative as I can
With elision if conducive
Hitchhiking with Afghan
By pure stealth, I’m who I am
Not a let-down in Amsterdam
By pure stealth
By pure stealth
A hipster riding in a tram

I’m entirely too impulsive
Defiant stepdaughter
I’m impoverished as I live
Life could be such a blur
Namelessness doesn’t bother me
Murmurous like a busy bee
One day I’ll be able to flee

I’m entirely too impulsive
The world is my oyster
Indecisive and emotive
Looking for some answer
I’m always me, do what I like
Riding my bike, part of my psych
I’m always me
I’m always me
If I don’t agree, I strike*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Trijan Refrain


For: Photo Challenge #212Wordle #194

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