A lot of things to be thankful

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all fine. We are in the middle of a great renovation so our house is a total mess at the moment. After 20 years, when everything in the kitchen seem to be falling apart, we’ve decided to have a new one. It’s when we cannot open and close the door of refrigerator without fear that it will fall on us, or that the exhaust vent produce this alarming noise and not sucking the air out and the work surface has burnt places and scratches. Time for a new one!

That’s the first thank you – thank you for the 20 years’ service of the old kitchen. We’ve spent a lot of times cooking, preparing, listening to radio, talking, arguing, baking, etc. When HRH the son was small, he loved helping me bake some brownies.

Talking of HRH the son, and his beautiful K, they celebrated their second wedding anniversary yesterday – congratulations and best wishes! They will be here to visit us next month so we are looking forward to seeing them again.


Thank you for giving us nice spring weather, our flowers are blooming and the tortoises are happy eating their lettuce and dandelions.

Because we still don’t have a new kitchen, we have been cooking with just one burner camping cooker and an electric kettle so we’ve been testing our creativity as well as our patience to produce some meals. Thanks for testing us.

Sometimes, we go out for a meal, too and here are some of the food we’ve had.

Thank you for the holidays, glad we’ve got two weeks’ off because of Pentecost and spring break, we have time to sort out the mess, or to be in this mess while things are being done in the kitchen.

Thanks for the cycling trips we have been doing.

Have a lovely week everyone!

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  1. A great attitude in the midst of the chaos! We don’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone (even temporarily). It will all be worth it when you have your new kitchen!

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  2. Yay, a new kitchen – that’s something to celebrate! Love that chicken salad I see and the sausage with French fries!. Great you still have a camping stove to cook on! Hope for you the new kitchen will be finished soon (it took my hubby 2 years!). Thanks you for sharing this domestic change with All Seasons! Enjoy your renovating week:)

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  3. Not too long before you have your brand new kitchen. Hurrah for you! Ours needs a remodel one day, or at least new appliances, but I don’t want to think about it. lol Cheers to a wonderful week!

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    1. thank you, Susieee! 🙂 they’ve delivered the wrong oven, so another wait and two more weeks before the stone man returns, oh well… cheers to a wonderful week, too! 😀

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