Sunday Photo Fiction – The rise and fall of Poochie

Our words this week are:
– fresh and stale
– rise and fall

Photo credit: Susan Spaulding

The rise and fall of Poochie
Had him since he was a pup
Fresh from his mother’s knee
Sometimes stale from catsup

He liked to fetch the stick
When he did, wanted a treat
Sometimes he showed me his trick
Me and him we’re ever sweet

One day he was ran over
By a car who didn’t stop
Suddenly my world was blur
His memories from the top

The rise and fall of Poochie
Goodbye my dear friend, goodbye
We’ll meet again you’ll agree
I bow my head and sigh*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Quatrain

For: Sunday Photo Fiction – May 27, 2018Saturday Mix – Opposing Forces, 26 May 2018



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