Music Challenge #29: “The Nights” by Avicci #musicchallenge #amwriting #MLMM


THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “We Lived Happily During the War” by Ilya Kaminsky: houses, protested, bed, month, reign, money, street, city, country, falling, chair, outside

Live happily however they protest
Spend the rest of life doing what’s right
When you’re in flight, why don’t you try your best?
When you’re stressed, just hold on really tight

On the street of any country
With its beauty and things to do
There’s no time to be falling out
And when in doubt, just flow

It’s nice to be outside the house
In the greenhouse most plants can grow
Money can grow and then accrue
Reign of breakthrough to know

Get to know the city thoroughly well
With bluebell and roses in the garden
Chair in the sun you put that’s quite so swell
A gorgeous belle to meet and have some fun

Make a difference in this world with such zest
Your very best in life with such delight
When it’s alright say thanks for we are blessed
As you have guessed we have to fight or flight*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* LaJemme

For: Music Challenge #29: “The Nights” by Avicci #musicchallenge #amwriting #MLMMWhirligig 164

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  1. Beautiful thanks for participating Lady Lee. I love the flow of this and it reminded me of another song. “We Own the Night” by Lady Antabellum. Your poem had this country rhythm to me but also the feeedom expressed by Avicii.

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