100 Word Wednesday: Week 74 – Our lives in prose

Image by Bikurgurl

I spend years breathing and writing
Writing in the spirit of the place
Place on earth that is so sacred
Sacred to me and my neighbour’s grace

In this quiet neighbourhood I grew
Grew up to be prosperous and kind
Kind of digging the past and listening
Listening to lessons, keep them in mind

Bear with us and all our antics
Antics we like, acts we tolerate
Tolerate as we live in peace
Peace, eccentricity, as we await

People come and go
Go to where the wind blows
Blows all the leaves in autumn
Autumn and our lives in prose*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Loop Poetry


For: 100 Word Wednesday: Week 74Wordle 355 Jun 9 by bwarren



  1. I love your poetry – it’s so light and lilting, and the looping brings it all back. You could have been writing about my own childhood – this is the very street I grew up on, learned to ride a bike, walked to school, and so much more! Really beautiful — thank you for sharing ❤ I look forward to seeing you Wednesday for Week 75 🙂

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