Sunday Writing Prompt – Teachers


Teacher Tableau

Once I had a crush
Couldn’t call or tell
I must be fifteen
Our sports teacher
Fiddle thee no harm
Alone I just dream

In dreams, he’s honey
Swoon when he pass by
Tall like a tower
Such a treat I thought
Never late in sports
Always out of breath

And then I grew up
I met other guys
Went to dance and fun
He wasn’t that swell
I’m sure he’s married
My teacher, my crush*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Tableau


For: Sunday Writing Prompt – TeachersWordle 356 Jun 16 by bwarren


  1. you brought back my crush in 6th grade. The budding feelings of a young girl on the brink… my band teacher. Dark handsome, kind. He smelled delish as he walked by correcting our finger placement. Always smiling. He defined men to me then. Mr Albano, in Tampa.
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

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  2. Many, many years ago I had an art teacher that wanted me to to go and live with her and her husband in a converted barn and just concentrate on art as I was so keen. I just can’t guess what might have happened had I done so. Probably wouldn’t be writing poems and short stories now!

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