Six On Saturday: What we’ve cooked this week

chicken with cashew nuts, green beans, carrots and spring onions

pork with okra, bitter gourd and tomatoes

pizza with tomatoes, salami and mozzarella

steak with chips and spinach

beef with broccoli

salad – boiled eggs, lettuce, rockets, tomatoes, peppers, ham, carrots

For: Six on Saturday 23-06-2018, ALL SEASONS – FLYING OUT OF THE NEST



  1. This is Jesh StG – If I can’t get through with WordPress at Artworks, I will make my comment with my other blog (the Jesh Studio’s account – it keeps asking me if I am on the last blog, but I am actually on the Artworks account)
    Love your post fro All Seasons, because I see one of my favorite dishes beef with broccoli here:) Am surprised you know (what we call here) okra – I had never seen or tasted it till I came to study in Texas!
    Have a “delicious” week!

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