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If the rain stops, then we can cycle to the beer garden. We’ll have a picnic, complete with our Bavarian tablecloth which we take on our bike rides. I can have the grilled fish and then an ice-cream later, don’t forget the wheat beer, too. Him Indoors will have his lager and chips. We’ll cycle back, stopping by the garden to take pictures of the flowers.

If the son skypes, then we can talk about their jobs and their plans for the summer. He’ll talk to his Dad about England and football and talk to me about Netflix and what series or films we’ve seen.

If the clothes get dry, then I can iron or fold them. Or better still, I can start packing. I know there’s still two months before I fly to the Philippines, but I’m also thinking of presents to give to my family and friends. Couldn’t wait to see my mother again.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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