Ten Things of Thankful

Hello everyone! So many things to be thankful this week.

thank you for the full moon one clear evening

… the roast chicken we cooked last night

… the udon soup I had when I met my friend C in town

… fresh sweet peas everyday … the more we pick them the more they flower

… apples growing

… and our grapes

… don’t forget the chillies

… managed to clean the aquarium with the solitary fish in it!

… managed to get Him Indoors his birthday present

Very thankful for all the blessing – mother’s health, HRH the son and beautiful K’s happy with their lives and of course, Him Indoors and I – we’re still together!

Have a great week everyone!

For: TToT: 6/29/2018Tell Me Something Good #114

Ten Things of Thankful img_5341


  1. Your photos are beautiful! That chicken looks so much bigger than ones I am used to seeing here. Yum!
    We used to plant sweet peas, and you are so right about the more you pick the more they seem to produce. The smell is one I love and it is almost intoxicating.
    That soup looks delicious.
    Do you plan to get some more fish, or is the fish you have one that needs to be kept by itself? Beautiful aquarium.
    It looks like you are going to have a good crop of grapes this year. Nice picture of them.

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    1. thank you, Pat 🙂 the chicken just looks bigger in the photo …. Methuselah, our lone fish has survived for a long time and all the other new fishes die when we put them in the aquarium so we don’t bother buying new ones anymore… enjoy the rest of the week, Pat ❤


  2. Very enjoyable TToT. The pictures were great. I especially like the one of the flowering sweet peas.
    Actually, I’m kind of jealous lol Look at all that you have growing! Fabulous 🙂

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