Time To Write: Picture Prompt 18 [Creative Writing Prompt]


The sun was shining, today’s the day
Time to celebrate, hip, hip, hurray
Reaching the crossroads of his life
Lessons learned, forget the strife
Summoning enough courage, he entered
Some excitement has been stirred
Balloons of different colours all blown up
Red, blue, pink ones, as his face all lit up
One burst as it hit the rose’s thorns
Outside were some overgrown hawthorns
Sweet little crocuses blooming in the garden
As well as daffodils, bluebells and jasmine
Birds flew and sang on their way to their nests
He wish his friends would be here as guests
The fervour of the night still fresh, owls hooting
Cows mooing, sheep jingling their bells and baaing
As he was reminiscing this thread of thoughts
He looked up and like winning the jackpots
They all came with a big cake, singing
Many happy returns of the day!!!

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

For: Time To Write: Picture Prompt 18 [Creative Writing Prompt]

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