Summer solstice bonfire


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  1. It’s a touchy subject in the UK right now, Lady Lee, as we have a couple of moorland fires burning out of control. It’s every man to the pumps, and I wouldn’t want to work for the fire brigade. 😦 Just not used to hot summers here. Thanks a lot for sharing! 🙂

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  2. Wow. this is a big bonfire! In the area where I live, they have certain “burn days” from fall till end of spring- it means that if you have a (free) permit, you can burn the stuff from your yard on a cleared space by one’s house. Since we live in the forest there are heaps and heaps of wood from trees, needles and leaves! On those burning days the forest service make their rounds to see if everyone abides by the rules. Many thanks for sharing this custom in Germany with All Seasons! Have a beautiful week!

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    1. thank you, Jesh 🙂 here, every village has a bonfire and it’s organised by the fire service, with live band and kiosks for sausages and beer and people have picnics and fun. It’s just at the back of our house. Have a great week, too ❤


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