“Arriving at the beach, she reflected on her life.”

She couldn’t believe what had just happened. She survived! The others didn’t, but luckily, she did.

It was their holiday of a lifetime. They went on a cruise for their thirtieth wedding anniversary. They admired Gaudi’s creations in Barcelona, the pure scale of Rome’s Coliseum, stunning coastlines and the beautiful French Riviera. The food was delicious and they met some other couples on the ship.

But then the wind changed dramatically and the storm came suddenly. They were ship wrecked. Chaos pursued as people tried to save themselves. Not everyone had a life jacket. She was fortunate to have one. Her husband was too late, he drowned and was eaten by a shark in front of her eyes. That was terrible!

Arriving at the beach with the other survivors, she reflected on her life. Someone was watching over her. She kissed the ground. Then she wept for her husband.

For: RDP-#31 SCALE

Music Challenge #31: “We Owned the Night” by Lady Antebellum #musicchallenge #amwriting #MLMM


THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Five Chinese Verses” by Wendy Xu: toe, gate, glint, while, gaze, text, dimming, cooling, taste, sweltering, without, forward

A sweltering English summer
Gazing at me at the foyer
We went under the shade to cool
And I saw the glint in your eyes
While we were at the gate such prize
Light dimming we kiss by the pool
Taste of heaven without limit
And as sweet as the violet
Stood on tiptoe that’s the rule*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Nove Otto

For: Music Challenge #31: “We Owned the Night” by Lady Antebellum #musicchallenge #amwriting #MLMMWhirligig 167

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Clouds ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #146


swans and ducks on lake
blue sky, white clouds, gorgeous day
perfect place to chill

meeting friends over some drinks
listening to a jazz band


floating cotton balls
above blue sea and islands
calm, pacific sea

lost in thought for quite some time
day dreaming is amusing

kranzback 087

long thin white streamers
nearly kissing pink mountains
on such a fair day

hiking up the mountain
a gratifying feeling

For: Clouds ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #146

FOWC with Fandango — Judgment


Why can’t people be good or give it a burl?

Seasons come and go, goes bright and dark

Celebrate or just enjoy walking in the park

Flowers bloom, animals run free in the wild

Have an ice-cream that made us smiled

Children get killed just watching fireworks

Why can’t we not accept people with their quirks?

Some irrational person drove his lorry through

Life is not fair, people dying in our full view

It hurled people and left them lying on the promenade

That wasn’t right, a system so fatally flawed

Is there a reason for all this, is the world indifferent?

Are the people so selfish and have lost their fair judgment?

To our needs, sufferings, are we dissimilar from the rest?

Societies don’t care, which left a lot of people depressed

Can we not fill the world with love instead of hate?

And when we’ve achieved that, life would be great!

(c) ladyleemanila

For: FOWC with Fandango — Judgment