FFfAW Challenge – We talk as we walk

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Michelle De Angelis. Thank you Michelle!

We talk as we walk down the path
Sun so hot had to wear my hat
Out came your old blue umbrella

Right and left with all the flora
So happy for our little chat
Under the tree is a birdbath

Some parts are wet in the footpath
Take note that cat is chasing rat
They’re over there by the dahlia

Roses, lavender and fuchsia
Who did what, who said what, our chat
Shop till we drop, the aftermath

No topic too great we just talk
The sun is shining as we walk*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Trilonnet

DOOR Template Instructions

(5) Words: | PART | LEFT | TREE | WET | NOTE |

For: FFfAW Challenge-172ndWeekly Writing Challenge #148

Twittering Tales #91 – Chains – 3 July 2018

Photo by analogicus at pixabay.com

When our flesh hypnotize each other
And all we could hear was a soft whir
The liquor works like an oil for the machine
Like a free spirit but never to be obscene
Full of gimmick, torturing our brains
Behave to keep us from being unchains
Teasing our lust, as fast as the train
(271 characters)

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

For: Twittering Tales #91 – Chains – 3 July 2018


Photo Challenge #220 – Fizzle in her allure

– Silvia Grav

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “What Would You Prefer?” by Drew Gardner: alligator, peeking, traits, happen, straight, spark, fizzle, silhouette, hobbits, silently, glide, signal

She glides silently in the room
Her silhouette so pure
Signalling something we assume
Fizzle in her allure
What has happened to her spark?
Did she lost her voice like a lark?
What has happened?
What has happened?
And will she get out of the dark?

She glides silently in the room
Straight to her boudoir
With hobbits full of gloom
Alligator bizarre
Are we peeking inside her mind?
Let her leave her worries behind?
Are we peeking?
Are we peeking?
We don’t want her troubled and whined

She glides silently in the room
So elegant her trait
Sashaying around the ballroom
Soundlessly in her gait
Soft whispering of her knight’s name
Hoping love between them aflame
Soft whispering
Soft whispering
Can’t wait for the time to be same*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Trijan Refrain

For: Photo Challenge #220Whirligig 168

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Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #40 Troiku Challenge “a distant mountain”


a distant mountain
seen in the sunlight:
a desolate field

a leaf of a paulownia tree
has fallen
in the sunlight

© Takahama Kyoshi (Tr. Katsuya Hiromoto)

Paulownia Tree

heart shaped leaves fell
sun shines from a distant
melancholic field

heart shaped leaves fell
as the wind brushes its leaves
a walk in the fields

sun shines from a distant
shadow of the tree
birds building their nest

melancholic field
unfulfilled promises
alone and bereft

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

For: Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #40 Troiku Challenge “a distant mountain”