I’ve Got To Do It


Weight: still 150 kilos

Feeling: suicidal

I’ve been trying to lose weight for a long time. I followed every trends, has been yoyo dieting, and somehow my weight kept on increasing. I’m getting depressed; the chocolates seemed to be my only friend.

I’ve got to do it. She has been nagging me, pushing me to do this and do that. She won’t listen to my excuses. They’re quite hard and I just can’t do them.

So when I found that gun in the forest, I knew what to do. It’s either her or me. I shot her, my useless fitness trainer… it won’t be much of a loss. (107 words)

For: I Challenge You To…


  1. I got to 308 lbs (which is about 150 kilos) and finally started doing something. I’ve cut back on carbs and sweets and since May I’ve lost 25 lbs (12 kilos). My son and his family were here for two weeks and I did cheat a little then. We had four birthdays and I had three cupcakes and some cherry pie. We had hot dogs one night and I had one of them and another night hamburgers, a third night we had spaghetti. The buns and pasta are not on my diet. I’m eating mostly lean chicken, have substituted cauliflower rice for long grain rice and low carb wraps (5g) for bread. I’m amazed at how much weight i have lost with so little effort. I love chocolate too. I have three m&m’s after lunch and 6 after dinner. Good luck!

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