Three hundred words to justify the existence of my
Favourite things, persons or places otherwise they vanish
That was harsh! Anyway, here they are from the top of my head
Him Indoors and His Royal Highness – the husband and son
Without them I’m nothing or vanish me with them without a trace
My mother dear, my number one fan, it doesn’t matter what I am or do
My rock, my idol, I am becoming more and more like her as I grow old
The sunshine, the stars at night, the rainbow after the rain, the dew at night
A cup of tea in the morning, a long bath after a day’s work with soft music
Dinner cooked by Him Indoors, flowers being planted for me, the whole garden
Dedicated to me, these are some of my favourite things…. HRH the son skyping us
Regularly on Sunday afternoon with all his news and updates, telling us all’s well
My new found hobby, blogging with all the prompts, challenges, writings, photos
Interested to read what others are writing, encouraged by them to be creative
Trying shadorma, haiku, haibun, cinquain, limerick, clarity pyramid, wordle
Travel theme, word snap, write now, fairytale prompt, finish the story and others
Well, not exactly three hundred words – please don’t vanish them without a trace

For: RDP #35 – TRACE


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