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How would she break it to him that the money for their vacation had been spent?

They were supposed to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary in the Caribbean. They haven’t been there and they thought it would be a nice present for their anniversary next year. But then situations changed. Their daughter has just got engaged and they were planning to get married next year, too. Both the daughter and the groom to be are still studying so they don’t really have money for the wedding. The groom’s parents promised to pay half of the expenses for the wedding, so they promised to pay half, too. There would be a big reception where they were studying and there would also be a second reception in their own country, plus all the other expenses for the flight, honeymoon, clothes, photographers, band, etc. She would eventually break it to him that the money meant for their holiday had been spent. She’s sure he’d understand.

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India 1272

Vis-à-vis our last visit to India, we noticed that the women who worked in the fields were wearing their high-visibility saris. What a vison! It was a pleasant view, the orange, blue, yellow, pink and neon green saris in their landscape vistas. It was a very successful way to convert an ordinary shot into one with a lot of visual appeal. The visit to this country changed my visceral view of the world. The people have endeavour to create a community that is not only accessible, but is also a model of visitability. They were friendly and hospitable. We’d visit again.


100 Word Wednesday: Week 78 – Maria, Salome and I

Image by Bikurgurl

We may not be the Three Musketeers
Musketeers through thick and thin
Thin we wanted to be from day one
One day at a time as we spin

Maria, Salome and I
I’ve met them in school
School with our pig-tails and fringe
Fringe and denim skirt now’s the rule

We meet and sit down on the ground
Ground of knowledge now in college
College with other students such fun
Fun with Business, Drama and Language

We talk about boys and shopping
Shopping till we drop together
Together we chat and drink coffee
Coffee when we’re happy or in anger*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Loop Poetry

For: 100 Word Wednesday: Week 78

FOWC with Fandango — Object

Some objects in our house and garden

You walk into your house/apartment expecting nobody home, but the second you walk in the door you know something is up: There’s a jacket tossed over the back of the couch, a giant duffle bag is sitting on the coffee table, and you smell food cooking in the oven, plus there’s a couple of empty beers on the kitchen counter. None of this scene is typical for your home. Then you realize you hear the shower running. You cautiously proceed into the bathroom, and (because you have clear glass shower walls and door), you see there is a man in the shower. But not just any man. This man is a Big-time Celebrity. Mr. Celebrity (you can name whomever you choose) smiles enthusiastically when he sees you, but doesn’t say a word. What happens next? Write the next scene or finish the story (“you” can be a fictional character, or yourself, but the story should be told in 1st person).


Confused and embarrassed, I closed the shower door. Johnny Depp finished his shower and came out, with a towel wrapped on his waist. And with a big smile, he said “Hi!”

I remained where I stood, not knowing what to say and what to do. “Oh, hi,” I said eventually. “Sorry for trespassing on your property…but you see, old habits never die. I used to own this flat and I forgot to give up one of the keys. This afternoon, a lot of things happened in the office that I was rattled, not being me. I just wanted to come home and relax. Subconsciously, I was brought here… really, really, sorry.”

“No problem, that was interesting!” Johnny said charmingly. “Take it easy now and relax, no harm done. Would you like something to drink?”

And that was the start of a beautiful friendship.

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Friday Fictioneers – How do we remember them?

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

How do we remember what they’ve done?
Do we mourn when they are all gone?
Men of gallantry and courage
Going to war, crossing the bridge
Do we appreciate their action?

They go there so our lives brighten
Their sacrifices for us brethren
When they come back from the carnage
How do we remember them?

They fight with their guns and cannon
Some still boys and girls in action
Couldn’t imagine shocking image
For peace, saving all the village
Against all enemies so they’d won
How do we remember them?*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Rondeau

For:  6 July 2018 – Friday Fictioneers