Ten things of thankful

Thank you for the ducks and geese in Ostpark one lovely Sunday and the boy feeding them.

Thanks for the mommy duck and her darling ducklings passing by.

Thanks for the spareribs, chips and our drinks

… the ice-cream kiosks

Thank you for the phone call from HRH the son telling us about his new job, well done, son!

Thanks for the sunny weather today, we’re able to hang our washings out

… for the beautiful flowers in the garden

… for the chillies and the herbs

Last but not the least, thank you for all the food on our table.

Have a nice week everyone!

For: Skywatch Friday – 12 July 2018 Edition FFF346 – JONQUILS, TToT: 7/13/2018 , ALL SEASONS – ALL ABOUT ROCKS, Jo’s Monday walk : A Tall Ships Treat

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I Challenge You To… The Pub


Three old men sitting in a bar. They have been friends all their lives. Frank is half blind and has some problems with his memories. Bill has arthritis on his knees and has difficulty walking, so he walks with a stick. Ted is quite obese. They used to be young and virile, useful citizens of this town. They drink beers, put a bet on the horses and meet in the pub in the afternoon. They talk about the good old days, when they all had jobs. They are like those three graffiti cars that were left in the sand – forgotten. (100 words)


Thomas and friends went to a bachelor party
Went to different pubs and drank a lot with glee
There was even a stripper
Somehow made them purr
Came home to waiting Mrs. who is very angry
… DUCK!!!

For: I Challenge You To…

The Changeling by Russell Edson

A man had a son who was an anvil. And then sometimes
he was an automobile tire.
I do wish you would sit still, said the father.
Sometimes his son was a rock.
I realize that you have quite lost boundary, where no
excess seems excessive, nor to where poverty roots hunger to
need. But should you allow time to embrace you to its bosom
of dust, that velvet sleep, then were you served even beyond
your need; and desire in sate was properly spilling from its
borders, said the father.
Then his son became the corner of a room.
Don’t don’t, cried the father.
And then his son became a floorboard.
Don’t don’t, the moon falls there and curdles your wits into
the grain of the wood, cried the father.
What shall I do? screamed his son.
Sit until time embraces you into the bosom of its velvet
quiet, cried the father.
Like this? Cried his son as his son became dust.
Ah, that is more pleasant, and speaks well of him, who
having required much in his neglect of proper choice, turns
now, on good advice, to a more advantageous social stance,
said the father.

But then his son became his father.
Behold, the son is become as one of us, said the father.
His son said, behold, the son is become as one of us.
Will you stop repeating me, screamed the father.
Will you stop repeating me, screamed his son.
Oh well, I suppose imitation is the sincerest form of
flattery, sighed the father.
Oh well, I suppose imitation is the sincerest form of
flattery, sighed his son.

….. thinking of our son today… all the best on the new job, HRH the son ❤

For: Nurt Thurs – Giving You One Gift




I write, therefore I am
I’m as sweet as a lamb
Words of love, of friendship
Inspiration coming from a pen’s tip
Any pent up emotion being released
In any way, in any form, at least
And when the muse is here
Mind is clear, calls for a cheer
Ah! the wonder of words
Like singing with the birds
Characters, setting, scene
Rhymes and what we mean
The pen can make men move
Can even make us improve

Words are mightier than a sword
Things to be poured
That can be moved
Enjoyed and grooved

Writing is such a good release
Like a timepiece
To show something
That makes us zing

Such a humble gadget this pen
Good for our ken
Could be our friend
Please apprehend

For: RDP # 42 – GROOVE

Thursday photo prompt: Wishes #writephoto


Stars in the sky gather them all
Make a wish and have a ball
Knight comes at nightfall
Love enthral

A cold evening I put on my shawl
I knew he’d come, his name’s Paul
Knight comes at nightfall
Love enthral

The pitter patter of the rainfall
From afar he hears my call
Knight comes at nightfall
Love enthral

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Triquint

For: Thursday photo prompt: Wishes #writephoto