Ten things of thankful

Thank you for the ducks and geese in Ostpark one lovely Sunday and the boy feeding them.

Thanks for the mommy duck and her darling ducklings passing by.

Thanks for the spareribs, chips and our drinks

… the ice-cream kiosks

Thank you for the phone call from HRH the son telling us about his new job, well done, son!

Thanks for the sunny weather today, we’re able to hang our washings out

… for the beautiful flowers in the garden

… for the chillies and the herbs

Last but not the least, thank you for all the food on our table.

Have a nice week everyone!

For: Skywatch Friday – 12 July 2018 Edition FFF346 – JONQUILS, TToT: 7/13/2018 , ALL SEASONS – ALL ABOUT ROCKS, Jo’s Monday walk : A Tall Ships Treat

Ten Things of Thankful cropped-allseasonswidget_4269-copy-copy f0859-fff


  1. You have shared such lovely photos. The park looks like a beautiful place to visit. The flowers are gorgeous. What is the red flower in the upper right corner? It is very striking.
    It is always nice to learn of job promotions.

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  2. How cool is this virtual world? To have photos from real people in different parts of the world. Tres cool, is all it is. (I’m mentioned this before in comments, but even though your photos are of most excellent quality, it’s the fact of a person sharing their photos (as opposed to a professional/magazine/etc institutional format).
    Have a good week,

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  3. I love seeing ducklings. I don’t know what it is about them, but they are just so cute!
    Your flowers are beautiful, and I love how colorful that lizard statue is!

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