Worth A Thousand Words #2 – A field of different flowers

Photo Credit: DeltaWorks @ Pixabay.com

A field of different flowers
Lavender, roses and cedars
Climbers and pine trees on borders
People come, watchers and amblers
Birds fly, trees sway, such open field
On the fourth side is our hayfield

I used to grow up on this field
Met Knight, we kissed and that’s all sealed
And in front of me, he just kneeled
Asked me to marry him, I yield
With open arms, we’re together
Don’t worry, we’ll stay as we were

We’re happy as we get older
And we are each other’s armour
Picnics in the field, sky’s azure
Son came, we live in our manor
Then soon, son flew and left his nest
My knight and I, we’re still blessed

Our field of different colours
Our lives in the past and futures
Take it all in strides and humours
Overcome the storms and hurdlers
Here’s for more years to come, my Knight
We fight but future’s still bright*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* LaCharta

For: Worth A Thousand Words #2


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