Tale Weaver #180 – Growth – 19/7/18

Hello everyone! I’m reblogging three posts from my archive.


I’ve always felt all grown up since I was 8
I’ve looked after my younger siblings
Little darlings, watch out, they bite!

I did some cooking, mostly breakfast
Fried rice with fish and tomatoes
They said it was scrumptious!

I’m responsible for our merienda
Banana cue or bibingka what a choice
Making sure everyone’s got some.

I first left the country when I was 22
Such a daunting experience, if you ask me
My parents and siblings waved me goodbye.

But there I was in snowy Switzerland
Learning French and looking for a job
Such a big step, I’m proud of myself.


Somewhere in between I exist
One could easily have me missed
People might find me loathsome
For many years this is how I became
Especially with my dreadful birthmark
Which became my very own trademark

I used to have auburn hair, now mostly grey
My hands across my broad shoulders splayed
Those beard, they were never there before
And they would tell you how loud I snore
I could be like the mighty Acanthus – thorny
And surviving in this tumultuous world

But as more time elapsed, my odds of being
Would grow progressively slim
I now speak in a very business-like tone
The sudden flare of anger gone from my voice
This is a strange and unaccountable fact
But I still say the occasional acidic comments


Rocking my daughter to sleep
We were both half asleep
Halfway through the night
On this crisp autumn night
My breathing in time with hers
As the cat in her basket purred
Soft words as I sang her lullaby
“Don’t grow so fast,” I sighed
Beneath her ceiling full of stars
I know the pleasure’s all ours
We sat on the wooden chair
Together with her teddy bear
While I drank a glass of water
She heard the slapping of water
She opened her eyes and smiled
Oh she’s such a darling child

For: Tale Weaver #180 – Growth – 19/7/18


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