Skywatch – our day out

  1. On my bike…


2. with swans and cygnets

3. with ducks, coots, swan and fountains

4. with our chips and beers


5. and cornetto


6. the trees and clouds are with us, too!


For: Skywatch Friday – 19 July 2018 Edition , TToT: 7/20/2018Six on Saturday 21-07-2018ALL SEASONS – WHEN WATER FALLS, Jo’s Monday walk : Elvaston Castle Country Park,

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  1. It is a hot day here, so seeing all your lovely photos makes me feel cooler. Thank you for sharing.
    Eating Drumsticks brings back memories.
    The Notebook is one of my favorite movies, meaning I have watched it at least two times or more. 🙂

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  2. Love your biking hat:):) When my kids wer young we went in the summer st least one day a week to the park to feed the ducks and swans:) Your post brings up happy memories. Many thanks for sharing these happy activities with All Seasons, and have a great week relaxing!

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  3. I will concur with Ladyfi, you have documented a lovely day out.

    (It is fun to follow along the photo-narrative.)

    (and to tag along with Kristi’s cultural bridging; for us chips are French Fries. From the looks of it, our ‘Drumsticks’ usually purchased from a ‘drive-slowly-through-the-neighborhood-with-a-bell-ringing’ ice cream truck, is surely derived from a confection of an older pedigree.)

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