Time To Write: Picture Prompt 19 [Creative Writing Prompt] – Gin, Rex and Niki


Meet our three tortoises – Gin, Rex and Niki. We first had Gin when HRH the son was 9 (he’s now 26) as a birthday present. The son and Gin were good friends, Gin following the son in the house and Gin loved to patrol around the house. On the son’s 10th birthday, we had Rex. Then one day, Gin managed to escape out of our garden and we were all sad, so we bought Niki. Three weeks later, a neighbour found Gin and returned to us, hence the three tortoises. They are ideal pets, out in the garden in the summer and they hibernate for three months in the winter. HRH the son doesn’t live with us anymore but these three tortoises are still our loving pets.

HRH the son and Gin when they first met

half of our garden is the tortoises’ paradise


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