Tuesday Photo Challenge – Field


shaped like arena
Banaue Rice Terraces
carved into mountains

Ifugaos plant rice
require great deal of labour
work in paddy fields

to see such a place
eight wonder of the world
tourism is good


the field at the back
apples are growing
waiting to harvest


beautiful field
the volcano and the lake
took charming photos


at the back garden
apple blossom and the field
such a charming day

view from the kitchen
blossoms peek through the window
love them while they last

For: Tuesday Photo Challenge – Field


  1. The first photo really caught my eye also – I think if I were there I would have spent a long time just sitting and taking it all in. The greenery in all of the other photos is so beautiful. I feel I need to take it all in and store it for the grey winters here.


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