What I like…

  1. Is to wake up first thing in the morning, Him Indoors still asleep
  2. Start with my blogging, reading emails
  3. Hearing the birds tweeting
  4. Seeing hedgehog, bees and butterflies in the garden
  5. Watching the tortoises eat their dandelions
  6. Taking photographs of the flowers as they bloom, the garden changes all year round
  7. Cycling and swimming with Him Indoors
  8. Ringing up my mother in the Philippines
  9. Sunday skype with HRH the son and his beautiful bride
  10. Getting emails and messages from my siblings and cousins
  11. Looking at Facebook and seeing new photos and news from friends
  12. Colouring, just got some new colouring books
  13. Reading novels, recipes, news, articles, blogs, etc
  14. When I’m reading and the book is really nice, just can’t put it down
  15. When Him Indoors and I talk about our plans, day-to-day stuff, etc
  16. Watching TV at night with Him Indoors and falling asleep
  17. Having coffee or shopping with friends
  18. Going to the gym, especially doing Zumba, Latin moves and body styling
  19. When friends come for a visit
  20. Talking with my cousin on the phone for hours
  21. Having tea in bed
  22. Travelling and visiting new places
  23. Planning about holidays
  24. Planning about retirement (still a long way, though)
  25. Looking at old photographs
  26. Reminiscing the past, memories
  27. Having ice-cream in the park
  28. Having picnics
  29. Giving presents
  30. Receiving presents
  31. Watching films, action, thriller, romance
  32. Enjoying the simple things in life
  33. Counting our blessings
  34. Take things slowly
  35. Not worrying too much
  36. That it’s still summer and I have time on my own
  37. Not working yet, starts next month
  38. Is to lose weight, I just have to keep trying
  39. Eat healthily, exercise more, eat less
  40. Listening to Him Indoors play the piano at the weekends, he’s good!
  41. Listening to classical music, opera and sometimes pop
  42. Going to concerts, like Beethoven 9th symphony
  43. Going to opera, La Boheme is my fave
  44. Going to ballets, Swan Lake, Nutcracker
  45. Going out for a meal and I have to dress up nice
  46. Seeing HRH the son and his beautiful bride happy together
  47. Seeing Him Indoors happy
  48. My mother still healthy and rocking at 80
  49. My siblings and families are all OK
  50. Grateful that I’m still here

For: RDP #64: NOVELTen Things of Thankful: 8/3/2018

cropped-ragtag-header2 Ten Things of Thankful


  1. What a great list!
    Waking up to the birds tweeting, having loved ones who are doing well, beautiful music, enjoying the simple things, but also enjoying traveling. . .
    There are so many items I can relate to in your list of 50.

    Liked by 1 person

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