Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 49 – We stopped checking for monsters

We stopped checking for monsters under the bed
When we realised they were inside of us
It’s up to us how to tread
We can’t be blameless

We still believe the power of atoms
Which are held together by electrons
Our source of energy one can say
Surrounding us in every way

The cycle of life in our journey
Children born every minute
People returning back to heaven
Continuation of lines or trees

The changing of the sky each day
Each day different we really can’t tell
One day bright, next day grey
Still mesmerising like a spell

And the humble stone, do we use it
As a stepping stone or throw it to someone?
Do we stand or do we sit, eat or sleep?
And the dust, do we leave it or sweep?

For: Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 49


  1. I like how you connect all the dots from electrosn to a life journey. Our best or worst intentions are a response to some stimulus. Hence, we need to take responsibility for everything that goes around.

    Thanks for reblogging, and joining in!

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