Time To Write: Only Dialogue [Creative Writing Prompt]


The meeting at the café was supposed to be quick and easy, but it quickly became complicated. My friend hasn’t arrived yet so I decided to queue at the coffee shop.

“Can I have a cup of coffee, please?” I said loudly at the barista.

“Which one, Sir?”

“White, no sugar” I answered.

“We don’t just have coffee, Sir. We have Latte, Americano, Capuccino, Espresso… have a look at our list and tell us what you want.” He’s trying to be patient.

“All these choices… uhmm, OK, can I have a Café Latte, please?”

“How big would you like it, Sir?”

“Oh, just a small one.”

“OK, one TALL Café Latte. To drink here or take out?”

“Here, I’m drinking it here.” And a big sigh of relief.

“Anything else, Sir?”

“No, no, that’s enough for today.”

“That would be €2.75.”

“I don’t have a change. Have you got a change for €20?”


For: Time To Write: Only Dialogue [Creative Writing Prompt]

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