Hidden Valley Springs

Hello everyone! Just got back from my three week holiday in the Philippines and Vietnam. It was nice to see my mother and my friends and relatives back home. One of the places we’ve stayed and enjoyed is the Hidden Valley Springs Resort in Laguna. It is a tropical rainforest paradise. This resort offers six natural pools including two shallow kiddie pools and one natural Jacuzzi. Aside from swimming and enjoying the water falls, we’ve also hiked in the surrounding rainforest. Great to be one with nature and savoured its peace and serenity. We’ve followed the path to scattered springs and the “hidden waterfall” through wooden bridgeways and stoned pathways. Amazing!

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  1. It looks absolutely fabulous, Lady Lee! No sign of the troubles that have beset the north of your country. I can’t bear to watch. Thanks so much for sharing and I’m glad that you and family had a lovely reunion. 🙂 🙂

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  2. The waterfalls you’re showing are so beautiful! A breath of fresh air! Never enough for me – I should visit your country (my weekend neighbor is from there, and in the past went once a yer when her mother was still alive).
    Glad you are back in blog land:):) and thanks for sharing all this beauty with All Seasons! Have a lovely week! Jesh/Junieper

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