Day 9: Love


My ten “What is love in four words”:
1. planting flowers for me
2. tea in the morning
3. accepting who we are
4. with quirks, flaws, idiosyncracies
5. shared experience and memories
6. soul mate and inspiration
7. each other’s strength, support
8. friendship that caught fire
9. sharing, loving life together
10. single soul, two bodies

I love you and that’s the key
And as long as you love me
You make my life so wonderful
Don’t care where you’re from, we’re blissful
Doesn’t matter ‘bout your history
We get on fine and you make me glee
I’m sure we can face the world together
I’m so happy with you, you’re a dazzler
With you, we can explore and challenge, for sure
And there’s such a thing as a forevermore

Spill me your heart
Can’t take it when we’re apart
Spill me your soul
You came and my heart stole
Spill me your compassion
I’m all yours with affection
Spill me your emotion
You woke my whole being with passion
Spill me your love

my heart goes to you
I hear rhythm of your soul
together they beat
praising its sweetness and love
swaying, gleaming, full of hope

oh to be in love
everything is rosy
no problem at all
we’ll face the world together
hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder

For: Day 9: Love



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