Mekong Delta

1. Hello everyone! Grateful for our Vietnam tour. On the third day of our holiday, we went to have a cruise in Mekong Delta. First, we drove through some streets in the city.

2. Then we took a boat along the delta. Kim, our tour guide explained to us what we could see during the tour.

3. We went to different villages where we could see things they’re growing and what they’re doing. They kept bees and we tried the tea with the honey they’ve produced.

4. On the next village, we had some tea and tasted some of the fruit they’re growing. We also had some musical entertainment. Our guide translated to us the songs and the messages. Some of them were so sad, about love and unrequited love. My sister tried to play their instrument while I walked around their garden.

5. We then boarded a sampan, a small rickety wooden row boat, and paddled our way through small canals of the giant Mekong tributaries. We came across flower farms, fruit orchards, rice paper factories, temples, river restaurants and all sorts of attractions by the water.

6. For our lunch, we had another sumptuous Vietnamese meal. Such a lovely day!


For: Ten Things of Thankful: Unspoken and Otherwise , Skywatch Friday – 11 October 2018 EditionNurt Thurs – Baggage You Don’t Need, “ALL SEASONS – THE NETHERLANDS YOU DONT KNOW”


  1. thank you for the photo-tour of a faraway place.*

    *not so far that there are not some similarities. well similar in a different form…. the scarecrows in the background of the last set of photos… excellent

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  2. What an awesome trip! Great you could venture out with that cruise. Nice that the guide translated the songs and the messages/ You both went out of your way to get to know Vietnam. It seems there are many water ways! Many thanks for sharing this interesting and educational post with All Seasons! Have a lovely week, Jesh (Junieper)

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