Daily Writing Challenge #14 – lost love


he wanders around
without relief seeks lost love
pain lasts inside out

to lose a star
the song stopped. the world’s still
find a love that lasts*

* haiku

It’s been lost, of course, which is sad
Wanderings and dissolutions
Objurgate for what was done
Decathect for what they have had
Can’t revert to when they’re unhurt
Some possibilities to add
Tangible fears under the sun
It’s been lost, of course, which is sad

It’s been lost, of course, which is sad
The quickening of the pulse rate
Being possessive a bad trait
Arrived in garnet coloured clad
Hoping to enhance in a glance
And all the world around is mad
As the clock strikes after eight
It’s been lost, of course, which is sad**

** high octain

The ground beneath my feet begins to crumble
I’m left with nothing to hold on to, null
The reality that I’ve created has vanished
I have to admit, I have lost the battle

The world is against me, my fight is extinguished
They have abandoned me, all the ones I cherished
I’ve learned my lessons, time to rise again
I’ve got to prove my worth, finish the unfinished

And all around me, mountains, moor and glen
Rainbows and sunshine, all beyond my ken
Time to rise again, the world is waiting for me
There’s still hope, I’ve got to carry on then

Forget the pain and live life wholeheartedly
Remember to count the blessings gratifyingly
Enjoy the simple things with a nice cup of tea
I have to remember all these, that’s the key***

*** quatrain

For: Daily Writing Challenge #14


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