Day 17 – Madness Reigns

Robin Williams Madness

Follow your inner moonlight
Things you do is such an excite
Don’t hide the madness
That’s you and what’s the fuss?
You are the soul of the universe
Take a hint from the verse
Fresh and lingering as the new day
The colourful chameleon that’s not grey
It tends to change its colour as it sees fit
It’s stress-free just like changing an outfit
Fine range of drinks for urbane palates
Good quality wine like gold with 24 carats
Spend some time in the sun till toasty brown
Life is good, go and have some fun uptown
Mix with the cool people of different sex
You can assess them, don’t even need specs
The subtleness of pastel colour suits you
You charm them, men are always in a queue
Reading classic fantasy yields rich imagination
Create your own wonderland and have some fun

It is not enough
to talk of
senseless hatred
irrational violence
or senseless evil
in this world
no matter how hard
it may be
for us to understand
an absurd waste
of human lives
and total failure
we have to take
responsibility ourselves
no more empty promises
we have to see sense
stop the silliness
do something good
let there be peace

For: Day 17 – Madness Reigns



  1. I learned to mute my colors so I wouldn’t be ridiculed.
    I’ve always been very different.
    I tend to wait till I know people pretty well before letting them see behind the bland and sensible mask I wear in everyday life.

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  2. Here I was with a smile on my face, wondering what new brilliant delights your words would bring… and then I read the second part. I was not expecting that, AT ALL.

    This was a brilliant piece of work and the way it twists was simply marvelous: going from the feelgood vibes to dead (DEAAD) serious without a single hint creates a profound impact. “Rude awakening” is the expression here, I think.

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