The Weekly Smile – 10/15/2018 – Welcome Back! #weeklysmile

Hello everyone! So glad Trent’s The Weekly Smile is back! and that’s my first smile… welcoming back Trent and his Weekly Smile 🙂

Yes, smiling is very important. Here’s a little poem I made two years ago…

smiling of eyes
sincere and pure emotion
the eyes never lie

when someone smiled at me
it pierced through bad things of life
all was well again

a ray of sunshine
a smile is so contagious
you pass it on

the presence of heart
sharing a smile is a gift
it lights up the world

Next smile – the weather is lovely here, like an Indian summer so we could still cycle around and hang clothes outside to dry. The flowers in the garden are still beautiful, we’re about to harvest some of our chillies and the cottage cider from our apples is fermenting well (two more weeks perhaps and we could bottle them).

Next smile – we’ve booked our coming holidays, yay! I’ll be flying to the Philippines in February to visit my mother, while Him Indoors fly to Britain to see HRH the son and beautiful K. And in August, Him Indoors and I are flying to Japan to celebrate my birthday, how cool is that!

Keep smiling everyone!

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  1. My thanks from All Seasons to remind us what’s important in life! What a great meme/challenge with the smiles! Am all smiles, because I thought I was going to travel to cook for hubby and keep him company, but now I was asked to paint)!

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