Day 18 – Once Upon A Time


once upon a time
Lady Lee and Him Indoors
met in a chem lab
action and reaction
they melted together
HRH the son
came after seven years
and they live happily in Bavaria
(33 words)


Once upon a time
In a land of sunny Bavaria
There lives a happy couple
Who have a house and a garden
Full of flowers, herbs and a vine
Two apple trees and three tortoises

They used to be three in that house
At 18, the son decided to leave
And he was gone to another land
To college and pursue his dreams
They had to let him go, empty the nest
It was sad at first

Now they’re used to it, back to being two
Making music together, having their own plans
Following their dreams, seeing the world
Going to places they haven’t been
Doing things they haven’t done
The End

For: Day 18-Once Upon A Time


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