Poetry Prompt Day 31 – Endless


How come we have some endless quest?
Or do we walk in crooked lines?
When do we see some phantom truths?
When can we know if journey ends?

Can the spirit of the ground talk?
How come we have some endless quest?
Some questions I need the answer
Never ending questions from me

If I kiss you, is that enough?
And if I want to be with you?
How come we have some endless quest?
Together we can search the truth

Questions, questions, lots of questions
Life would be boring if we don’t
It’s like a puzzle to be solved
How come we have some endless quest?*

* Quatern


Life is precious, I can claim that
Take it as going to a combat
The endless quest or can I say struggle?
I know I should be grateful
Some rare threads of graceful living
In a beautiful beach basking
Brief erotic relationship
Travelling by plane or by ship
How come I feel empty inside?
When you left and I cried
I want to be fed in my roots
Express to me my attributes
I visualise my life as I speak
I can play hide and seek


being with you is magic
magic as in worth living
living a dream forever
forever we grow old and ageing

love is happiness
happiness shared with you
you and I together
together we stick like glue

why is the sky so blue?
blue as the wavy sea
sea breeze and summer dream
dream as my love for thee**

** Loop Poetry

For: Poetry Prompt Day 31 – Endless




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