Blushing brilliance


THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Recess! Oh, Recess!” by Darren Sardelli: rule, swings, slides, break, test, syrup, homework, despair, exist, happy, first, cool

The test is over
Happy to see her
Playing on the swings and slides
Yay, time for a break
We’re sharing a cake
Counting to ten as she hides

I’ll try to be cool
Swimming in the pool
She’s as sweet as a syrup
Doing our homework
Not to be a jerk
First is how to be grownup

The rule of the thumb
Not to be so dumb
Not to blush when she’s nearby
Tell her I exist
Dreaming we have kissed
Let her know I am her guy*

(c) ladyleemanila 2018

* Alouette

For: 4. Blushing brillianceWhirligig 186

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  1. Were you up with the lark to write this piece? How the poem took me back a few years to my awkward teens, trying to flirt but merely being laughed at! Curiously now in my 80’s I still correspond with those same girls to laugh at the past!

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