Silly Lily

cupid carries a gun
cupid’s target
target to hit
target of a bomb
bomb shell
bomb attack
attack the enemy
attack unemployment
unemployment increases
unemployment figures
figures of eight
figures to calculate loss
loss of freedom
loss to many people
people friends foes
people to pleased
pleased to meet you
pleased to impress
impressed on me
impress the cards
cards for Christmas
cards up one sleeve
sleeve rolled up
sleeve might be a good idea
idea that works
idea that’s so silly
silly monkey
silly mid-on
on to a better future
on and on he went
went to the market
went to see a doctor
doctor of the house
doctor am I dying
dying in paradise
dying of boredom
boredom good for creativity
boredom of the day
day and night
day after tomorrow
tomorrow is another day
tomorrow I love you
you and me
you are the one
one for the road
one two three
three in the morning
three cups of coffee

* The Blitz Poem

For: 14. Silly Lily


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