Time To Write: A Notebook [Creative Writing Prompt]


Marilag wears her frayed uniform with style and elegance and her glossy raven hair has been tied up with a deep purple bow. She always makes the best of any situation. As an orphan, she has learned to be patient and share everything with everyone. She doesn’t seem to be a misfit in this affluent school. She’s a bright girl and has been given some sort of scholarship by an old philanthropist.

She rummages through her bag for some scraps of paper. She finds her notebook and with enough courage, weaves a tale of her life. She pours her heart out, creating a world of happiness where she’s a normal girl with her happy family. She has created some adventures where she goes to different places and has a lot of friends. Like marbles rolling around the places, she wishes to experience a world where there are no poverty, hardship and confusion. She wishes for the right benediction to come her way. And so her day continues….

For: Time To Write: A Notebook [Creative Writing Prompt]

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