FOWC with Fandango — Carry


You said yes, I said no
I’m pushing, you’re pulling
Heave-ho, heave-ho, heave-ho
I like it hot, you like it cold
I behold and was always cold
Somehow I didn’t care about that cat’s meow
You’re a manager and I’m just a hausfrau
Have you gone out of your mind?
Smoke banana peels until you go blind
The walls have ears and there are hands on the clock
I used to be punk and your hair was once a Mohawk
Are we still friends and how else do we differ?
Things are not always as they appear
And so we carry on being friends!

flowers 007

“You must make a choice
To take a chance or
Your life will never change”
Such an inspirational quote
To be or not to be, that’s the question
Do I take it or not, that’s another
What will happen if I don’t?
Will I be given a second chance?
Or will I let my life be the same?
When I could have done something?
Dilemma, more dilemma in our lives
Questions we attempt to answer
Questions coming up everyday
Big decisions, small decisions
Sometimes we can tackle them
Other times they are more complicated
We have to weigh the consequences
Contemplate on the pros and the cons
Follow our hearts, instinct and guts
Sometimes we hurt the ones we love
Sometimes we don’t get what we want
Sometimes we fall down several times
And come back on our feet many times
Do we carry on or just give up?
I’d say, carry on even if they hurt
Carry on even if we think we can’t
Carry on even if there are deterrents
We have to be tough and carry on!

For: FOWC with Fandango — Carry



  1. You know what I imagine? I imagine you a songstress in a beautiful sun dress, playing an acoustic guitar with the most wonderful backing imaginable, singing these words and bringing smiles not to people’s faces but their lives.

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