Amor gathered some flowers by the hillside on her way. She knew exactly where to go, the patches of lavenders, calendula, cornflower, primrose, morning glory covering the fields. Ah, she loved the scents of the flowers, cool breeze and the leaves still moist from dewdrops. There was a swarm of birds flying above her. And some birds building their nests on the canopy of trees. She saw a little bird on one of the branches and it appeared to be hurt. She gently caught the bird and observed what the matter was. It was bleeding, probably got stuck by a sharp object. She cleaned the bird and tied a piece of cloth to the wound. “You’ll be alright now,” she whispered to it. She continued walking until she reached the edge of the forest, she has completely forgotten what she was supposed to do. She retreated her steps and tried to find her way back to the path. Ah, she remembered. She has to visit her grandmother.

She nearly spilled the jug of apple juice when she saw two ghosts in the middle of the forest. They were busy arguing with each other. She said politely, “excuse me, but can I pass by?” The ghosts noticed her and asked: “aren’t you afraid of ghosts?” “Not really,” answered Amor. “Besides, you were busy arguing about something.” The first ghost said: “I was Juan and this was Pedro, my brother and we had been here in the forest for quite a long time. We were arguing if we could still taste some food or feel anything.” “Ah, why don’t you try one of the cupcakes I baked for my Granny?” Amor offered them each a chocolate cupcake and they both said thanks. “Oh, this is delicious!” they both said thanks and happily let Amor continue on her trip.

Amor reached Granny’s cottage. It was surrounded by herbs, vegetables and other plants, as well as pine and oak trees. Rupert, the dog greeted her and she patted his head. She also gave him a bone from yesterday’s dinner. “Hello, Granny, how are you today?” as she kissed her Granny. Granny was putting the kettle on to make a pot of tea for her and Amor. “Much better now, my dear. What goodies have you brought for our tea?” Amor, being a good granddaughter said, “Why don’t you sit down and rest, Granny and I make the tea. These flowers are for you, Granny, smell them, they’re so sweet! And I’ve got lots of things to tell you, Granny” and on and on Amor telling her of her adventures in the forest. They ate the chocolate cupcakes and drank their tea, laughing and joking as they carried on with their conversation. Amor washed the dishes, cleared up the mess, picked some vegetables from the garden and cooked some soup for Granny. “Thanks, dear, you’re a loving granddaughter, and I think you should set up going back now before it gets dark,” Granny said. So Amor kissed Granny goodbye, patted Rupert’s head and happily set off home. Her visit made Granny’s day.

For: RDP Friday: COTTAGE