The Weekly Smile 12/31/2018

Hello everyone! The end of the year and here I am saying thanks to all the blessing that we had this year. A lot of smiles from us this week. We watched Beethoven Symphony Number 9 at the Philharmony Munich. It was brilliant! It seems to be our tradition to watch this symphony every other year.

We also watched Mary Poppins returns at the cinema. It was nice, made us want to see the original Mary Poppins and Saving Mr. Banks.


Our bird of paradise bloomed on Christmas Day!


And today, we’re ready to greet the New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. We also went to watch Mary Poppins Returns. We liked it but do not love it as much as the original Mary Poppins (which my children used to watch every single day when they were little).

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  2. I love that your bird of paradise bloomed on Christmas day! When I had my son’s cub scouts and daughter’s Brownies we had them “plant” paper white narcissus in time for a Christmas day blossom as a gift to their parents. We usually timed it just right for a Christmas bloom. 🌷

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