#JusJoJan 2019 Daily Prompt – Jan. 3rd – All about my blog


Ladyleemanila is all about me
I’ve always wanted to be called a Lady
Yes, I thought that’s a good start
Lee – is a short form of my real name
Manila – is where I come from
Put them together – Ladyleemanila
A cool name I said and so I shall be
In this blogosphere where I meet friends

Ladyleemanila, a girl in fringe, pretty in red
Her brains swirl like that crazy cappucino smile

Will continue prosaic poesies and never the while grows tired
Writes what’s close to her heart, be it her experience

Born and bred in one of exciting 7,100 islands
Bounces like a ball, hither and thither on the go

Anyway, I started blogging four years ago out of curiosity. I’ve just finished doing some online courses like Academic Writing, Social Psychology, Media and others and I thought why not start blogging, and so I did. I don’t have a theme, I just tried everything – daily prompts, writing challenges, photo challenges, my experience, prose, poems, etc. I met some virtual friends and they’re amazing. I love it and will carry on blogging. Have a great week everyone!

For: #JusJoJan 2019 Daily Prompt – Jan. 3rd



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