Self – I’m that girl and she’s me

I’ve always been different
When they’re dancing, I read
Where they stop I precede
When they’re close I’m distant
When they try I wouldn’t
Sometimes we all agreed

I’ve changed self to ourselves
With Him Indoors of course
Children as reinforce
Like books in the bookshelves
We look after ourselves
Winning like a racehorse

I like being myself
He likes being himself*

(c) ladyleemanila 2019

* HexSonnetta

I saw a girl and that was me
Curious to the world around her
She tries her best, of course she errs
Remains true to herself, that’s key

All the pains she endures
All experience she appreciates
Good or bad, they’re hers
People she meets, some she keeps
Moments come and go
Learns her lesson and moves on

True or false, she speaks with candour
She acts, they don’t have to agree
Her reason? As long as she’s free
She has her own cauldron to stir

Living the life like she was her
As long as I’m not hurting anyone
I am that girl and she is me
I am fighting my own battle
World’s my oyster, as blue as the sea
For me that is clear, never blur

Tatayo akong mag-isa kung kailangan
Ako sya at sya ay ako
(I stand up alone if needed
I am her and she is me)*

* La’libertas

For: #JusJoJan 2019 Daily Prompt – Jan. 8th



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