The Weekly Smile 1/14/2019 #weeklysmile

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all fine. We’ve still got snow here but hopefully will get warmer soon. Anyway, my smile is about roasting goose for the first time and it was a success!

We were given a 5kg goose. After buying €200 worth of groceries, we were given a free goose. Wow! Our first time to cook goose…. Here goes: we defrosted the goose then prepared all the ingredients. For the stuffing, we chopped some onions and apples, got sage leaves from our garden and added some bacon bits and bread crumbs. We stuffed the goose, preheated the oven to 200degrees and roast the goose. After half an hour, we turned the goose over and poured the fat out. Another half an hour passed and we turned the oven down to 180degrees. We carried on roasting the goose for another hour.

Meanwhile, we peeled and halved the potatoes, par-boiled them and put them in a dish. We used the florets of the cauliflower, added olive oil, salt and pepper, cheddar and parmesan cheese and some herbs. We roast them. Then we put the carrots and mange tout in a pan to be steamed. Voila! Roast goose! Served with a nice bottle of red wine and custard cake for dessert.

For: The Weekly Smile 1/14/2019 #weeklysmile



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