Tale Weaver #208 – Collapse – Bonus Wordle “Letter J”


The jostle and jittery of life’s journey
Jeopardizing us even if we plea
When we’re jettison in one corner
Full of jealousy and junk in acre
Jaded in love and life is so bleakly

No joyride not even our shopping spree
Jollification put on one side of the alley
Joint effort of bicker and blabber
The jostle and jittery

Is this the collapse of being free?
When civilization we don’t really see?
All emotion gone even if we stir?
When the past and the future so blur?
No togetherness, no hope just angry?
The jostle and jittery*

(c) ladyleemanila 2019

* Rondeau


For: Tale Weaver #208 – Collapse – 31st JanuaryBonus Wordle “Letter J”


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