The Weekly Smile – Back from the Philippines

Hello everyone! I’ve just arrived from the Philippines. It was a wonderful three week holiday/visit to my mother. It was nice to see her again, as well as my friends and relatives. We had a welcome party with all my favourite food!

Nice to see all her flowers and plants again. She loves gardening!

We went to Bacolod which is a city on the northwest coast of Negros Island. We stayed for 4 days and visited Mambukal (hot springs), heritage houses and churches and the ruins.

We went dancing, saw “The Phantom of the Opera”, swam in Hidden Valley, etc… fun, fun, fun!

That was my smile!


weeklysmile2a cropped-allseasonswidget_4269-copy-copy


  1. Great you could visit your family and have time to do some fun things together! Now I have a neighbor from the Philippines I know how important family is to your culture. Also, that some foods like satay (sate) Indonesian and Philipinno food share! Many thanks for letting All Season-ers in on it too! Have a beautiful week:)

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