What do you See? March 12, 2019

Photo credit : Alarie Tano

It was a story of strength
A quest to an ancient ground
Where the spirit of darkness lived
A dragon guarded the treasure
Defiant resistance to the game
The sparks of amethyst laid
In front of the hearth
And so was Prinsesa Mayumi
Waited for her knight
Few men and knights tried
But to no avail, dragon won
From steely blue skies
A white charged horse
Descended from the clouds
Prinsipe Makisig to the rescue
And so he slayed the dragon
Saved the princess and they kissed
Took all the amethyst and treasure
And they wed to the delights of all

For: What do you See? March 12, 2019, Your Daily Word Prompt – Knight – March 13, 2019

weekly-challenge  march-2019-daily


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