Much Ado About Everything


Much ado about everything
In the city that dance and sing
An orphan begging, a man drinking
On the dusty road we sigh
Stifle our curiosity
As we look outside the window
And everyone’s business
Greeting each other with yo

Much ado about anything
Under the sun so charming
Flying off to somewhere exotic
Floating like a feather
Doesn’t make sense at all
Doesn’t matter, too
As long as you’re with me
And we drink our cofee brew

Much ado about nothing
It started well, don’t know the end
Insecurities of the inexperienced
Perhaps one day we learn
That life is full of surprises
Like a carousel going around
Each one has its journey
Feet always on the ground

Much ado about everything
Anything or nothing at all
With all the bumps on the way
As we travel in time
We meet and we greet
We love and hate, too
We fall down, rise again
We still don’t have a clue*

(c) ladyleemanila 2019

* The A L’Arora


For: Much Ado About Everything,  Wordle 402 May 5 by bwarren

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